Health Benefit Of Using Vaporizers

Quit-to-smok-with-VaporizerVape pens produce vapor instead of smoke. Traditional combustibles are responsible for producing super-heated smoke which is detrimental to our overall health because they contain lots of impurities such as nicotine, tar as well as a myriad of chemicals and heavy metals.

While we smoke in the traditional way we’re always in danger of being affected by several types of fatal and incurable ailments amongst which the most common are cancers and respiratory problems. Fortunately, there is no such danger associated with smoking vape pens. In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned several essential health benefits of smoking vape pens.

  1. Vape pens reduce our addictive habit

It is much easier for an individual who is smoking vape pens to quit the habit of smoking as compared to the one who smokes traditional cigarettes.

  1. Vape pens are safer for your lungs

Approximately 99% of recent researches have proved that smoking vape pens are much less detrimental as compared to smoking traditional cigarettes and also there is much less chance of any fatal ailments such as respiratory problems or malignancy. Sometimes, in order to get more flavor, some smokers are in the habit of increasing the heat which may be responsible for the production of carcinogenic byproducts which can make the e-cigs somewhat hazardous to their health.

  1. They do not have major third-party effects

vape penIt is believed that smoking vape pens will not cause any major problem to any individual sitting next to the smoker. In fact, vape pens are made for the production of inhalable aerosol. When we smoke a vape pen, we inhale the wax or oil and take it into our lungs.

A research carried out to look at the magnitude of secondhand exposure to pure nicotine as well as other toxicants from e-cigs pointed out that vaporizers are responsible for second-hand exposure to the harmful nicotine but not to dangerous substances produced from combustion.

The air concentrations produced by a vape pen was averaging 0.85 to 6.24 g/m3 whilst the average concentration of nicotine generated by cigarette smoking was around ten times higher.

The consequence of second-hand exposure to the vulnerable population including the seniors, pregnant women, kids and those individuals with health problems, for example, heart conditions, as well as respiratory problems, was proved to be insignificant.

  1. There seem to be no long-term respiratory issues

A study was carried out recently in order to check out the long-term effects that might be associated with smoking vape pens. The study revealed that there is no macroscopic and microscopic development of tumors that might lead to cancers or even no enhancement in mortality. Furthermore, an increase in damage of the pulmonary cells and nicotine was not related to one another. Besides this, individuals who use vape pens do not experience any significant loss of weight. Thus, smoking vape pens is far safer as compared to smoking traditional cigarettes.

In this way, nowadays, vape pens are seen as a healthy alternative for the traditional cigarette smokers. In fact, vape pens have enabled the smokers to smoke without the fear of getting affected by any fatal ailments.